The detailed Policy Guidelines of « Science Me! » are available here 0.5Mb.

« Science Me! », the European Science Show Competition, is aimed at strengthening the dialogue between scientists and the public.
10-minute presentations in all fields of science or technology and consisting in experiments or demonstrations or explanations, given by a maximum of 2 animators (possibly non-professionals), are evaluated by the public and by an independent jury of experts in science and communication.

Evaluation by the public is based on the strength and duration of applauses (applause-meter), weighted by the number of persons present in the audience.
Evaluation by the jury of experts is based on a grid of criteria including content, experimentation, entertainment, respect of safety regulations, didactics and explanations, interactivity, visual effects, scientific relevance, simplicity, originality, artistic and poetic inputs, etc.

Science Me! 2019 – Family picture with some teams and staff. © Universität Göttingen

Science Me! 2018 – Family picture with some teams and staff. © Stéphane Fischer (MHS)
Science Me! 2018 – Awards. © Ines Tascon

Science Me! 2017 – Family picture with some teams and staff. © Didier Perret
Science Me! 2017 – Awards. © Didier Perret

Science Me! 2016 – Family picture with some teams and staff. © Gordon Brown
Science Me! 2016 – Awards. © Didier Perret

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