As an essential science dialogue tool, Science Me!, the European Science Show Competition, is an innovative instrument offering to the general audience the possibility to evaluate –at the measuring rod of their own sensitivity and understanding– short presentations in all fields of science or technology given in a playful and interactive manner.

After two years of pandemic, we are happy to announce that Science Me! was back on stage, with its 5th edition being organised on July 9-10, 2022, by the Chimiscope – UNIGE and the Museum of Science History in the lovely and romantic park of the Perle-du-Lac, Geneva, Switzerland, during the traditional Nuit de la Science science fair (July 9-10; ca. 35’000 visitors).

This year, for a post-pandemic face-to-face return, the ShowScience 2022 conference (EuroScienceFun network) and the Science Me! 2022 competition were coupled! The flyer of the joint event is here!

Short look at the 5 previous editions…

Science Me! 2022 – Geneva – Showwoman and showman from Université Mohammed V, Rabat (Morocco) in action. © Franck Guignard

Science Me! 2019 – Hannover – Showwoman and showman from Speelderwijzer vzw (Belgium) in action. © Sebastian Skorzinski

Science Me! 2018 – Geneva – Show(wo)man from the University of Fribourg in action. © Ines Tascon

Science Me! 2017 – Hanover – Showman from Technopolis in action. © Ching-Yen Huang

Science Me! 2016 – Geneva – Showmen from Physiscope in action. © Gordon Brown

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